Why 97% Of All Network Marketers Fail.

Internet marketing has become one of the fastest growing industries all over the world in the past few years. Along side of this growth there has been a very large percentage of people who start out only to fail. Today I’d like to share with you some of the reasons for this failure.

Are You using what your learning?

One of the main reasons folks don’t get the results they are looking for is simply because they are not using the skills that are taught to them through their primary program. All good programs out there today offer training for their members, if you are plugged in to this training you are going to learn skills that are essential to your growth as an internet marketer. Now with that said there are still a lot of folks that are getting this training but aren’t taking action and putting these skills to work for them, or they feel that maybe I’ll learn all I can about this particular technique before I implement it in my marketing efforts. Here’s a news flash the best way to learn something is to do it. You don’t have to be an expert at everything before you use it. When you take action with what you are learning you are still learning only now it has become a life lesson you may not crack that home run right out of the gate but you will be learning what works for you and what doesn’t. Not everyone killed it right from the beginning. Be teachable and hold yourself accountable for the action you take in your business.

Have You Given It The Time It Takes?

A lot of folks start out as an internet marketer with a preconceived notion that they will become successful very quickly. This is not always the case. Yes it has happened for some, but for the majority of  on line marketers this is not the way it shakes out. This is a process and we all must go through the steps of this process to get where we want to be in our businesses. So many folks get into marketing only to quit with in their very first 3 months simply because they don’t have the patience to see the result of the hard work they are putting into their business. This holds true specially for folks that are using  web 2.0 techniques or free marketing strategies to market their business. It takes time to build brand recognition on line today, though it can be done if you put in the work and give it the time it takes to see and reap the benefit   of your hard work.

You Already Have What It Takes.

By the time we are 16 years of age we all have the basic skills needed to be successful on line. That’s right 16, By the time your sixteen you know how to be social enough to engage people in conversation you already know how to chose folks that you want to work with you already know how to write, the list goes on and on but you get the idea of what I’m driving at. The point is no one was born an expert at anything, but given the opportunity to become that expert anyone can be just that.

Remember to always be teachable,be persistent, and have patience and you will see success just as you had envisioned it.

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Overcome The Fear Of Prospecting.

Prospecting for your business is one of the most important aspects for you to be successful on line. Some folks find this to be an obstacle that is hard to overcome. Today I’ll share with you some ideas for overcoming your fears of being on the phone with a prospect.

They Are Just Like You.

The first thing you must have in your mind is that the person on the other end of the line is no different than you. Remember they came looking for you and what you are offering. Whether you got that number from a lead capture page or a flier you may have put up or drop cards or whatever method you use for lead capture; always remember that the person you are calling has given you their phone number because they would like more information about your offer. Also remember that at one time you were in the same spot they are in now, you knew that there was another way. You were looking for the right person with the right organization to show you the way.

Relax And Be Yourself.

Your prospect is looking for someone to show them how they can do what it is that you do; so tell them. But just be yourself when doing so. Don’t ever try to be something you are not. The fastest way to get a prospect to run from you is to try to be something you are not, If you are not up front with who you are and what you do, you will be found out. If you are for real and you’re branding yourself on line ,who you are will show through and your prospects will see the value that you bring to the table. Just be yourself and build the relationship on a level that is comfortable for both you and your prospect. When you build that kind of  relationship you will see that talking to your prospect is really no different than talking to your friend or anyone for that matter.

Lead Don’t Sell.

No one likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy things. With that in mind lead your conversation to the next step in your system, your call to action. You should be using some type of a sales funnel for your offer. If you don’t ,a later post here will explain what that can do for your business. Being the leader that someone is looking for means being able to relate information at the same time as guiding your lead to the next step in your funnel wheather it be some type of an application form or maybe you have an ebook offer that will guide them through to your sales page or what have you. At any rate you must be able to lead to that next step. Let them know what to expect when they take that step as well. If your offer is going to solve some sort of problem explain the solution with your conversation. People will always move from unknown into the known. By letting someone know what to expect next you are relieving them of wondering just what happens in the next step.

In a later post I will explain more about sales funnels and how they work, so keep coming back for up dates and marketing tips from Ed Yaw.

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Who’s Brand Are You Building?

Brand building 101.

There are some very basic steps to take in order for you to build your personal brand on line. If you are at all serious about building a successful business on line ,then you will want to start with building you inc…

Start with Brand basics.

Building your on line presence is where your personal brand begins. One of the most effective ways to begin building an on line presence is to set up a home for your brand. This is usually done by setting up a blog much like this one. There are many different sites that you can do this for free such as wordpress or even blogger.com and it is very easy to set up. Once you have your blog set up you have got to make sure that it is professional. Now if your computer skills are better then average this may be even easier for you ;however if you’re not so technically inclined you can always outsource this task to a designer. There are many designers out there that are inexpensive and can set you up with a professional blog site very quickly, in most cases within   a week.

This Is Your Brand Home base.

Your blog now is your home base and is exactly where you want to send your traffic to in order for people to find out who you are and what it is that you have to offer. Here is where you will begin to build a relationship with those who are interested in finding out more about you and your business. And there are some very simple rules that you should always follow when writing something on your blog.

Don’t Throw up on your visitors.

Just posting any old content on your blog is one of the fastest ways to not get return visitors to your site. When you post to your blog be sure the the content that you are providing is of value to your audience. Share tips that you yourself have found useful; do reviews on tools that you may be using that are helping you grow your business. Whatever you do, don’t just throw your opportunity at your visitors just because they’re on your site. We see this all the time post after post stuffed with some affiliate offer that really doesn’t serve anyone but the company you are promoting. If you are looking to build a brand for yourself then you need to be promoting you, not your affiliate offers. There are times and places for offering people your products and services.

Always provide valuable and informative content to your visitors so you can build a relationship with people interested in what you are sharing. And once you have built that relationship folks are going to want to know what it is that you have to offer as far as your primary offer or even any of your affiliate products.

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Simple Email Marketing Strategies Anyone Can Master.

Email marketing is a very effective way to build any home based business. There are many different ways to build out a successful campaign .In this article I will give you some examples of what’s considered good and what may be not so good.

Lets start at the beginning. Providing you already have an email subscriber list the first thing you want to do is establish a relationship with your list. So, how do I do that Ed? Well, I’ll tell you. When you start building your relationship with your list you want to come from a place of giving. What I mean by that is to give your list valuable quality information that is useful for them or that is going to teach them some thing that they don’t already know. There are a couple of different ways of doing this, you can start by sharing quality content that you have created in the past or for your email campaign itself; if you are not creating content of your own ,you can be sharing content that you have found created by others that you yourself have found useful and to be of value. Another way is to tell a story; everyone loves a good story. Be real for your list. Let them know that you are a person just like them. Tell the story  of what it was that brought you into the world of on line marketing or whatever you think is going to get their attention and keep it.

Getting their attention.

This is the fun part. To get your list to open your emails you have got to have great headlines(subject-lines). You may have to do a little research for this part of your campaign. I’ve found that reading books by master copy writers to be very useful for my email campaigns. Books by writers like Dan Kennedy “The Ultimate Sales Letter” comes to mind.Another good one is “Outrageous Advertising” by Bill Glazer. By reading these books you will get an idea of how to write killer headlines that will increase your open rates in your campaigns. This is the most important aspect of your campaign; if your emails don’t get opened you don’t sell anything.

Don’t blast your list with offers that are not valuable.

This is very important to keep in mind as well. There is no faster way to get people to run from you than blasting them with crappy affiliate offers that aren’t going to benefit anyone other than yourself. By spamming your list with these cheap offers it only shows that you really don’t care about them or how successful they can become. You have always got to be coming from a place of giving not taking. This goes right back to building that relationship with your list. When you are offering them value they begin to see you as someone who cares about how well they may do in the world of on line marketing. This builds trust and I don’t think I even need to go into how important trust is. Alright, when people begin to trust you they will continue to want to hear what you have to say and what you think is going to be valuable for them.

Well these are just a few ideas for you to put into action for yourself and see if they can be effective for you in your email marketing campaigns. Hope you have found this to be useful information and that it will help you and your marketing efforts.

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How To Write Killer Headlines.

Writing headlines that kill.

Sometimes coming up with killer headlines can be a little daunting. In this post I will give you some tips for coming up with great headlines for your email marketing campaigns. With these tips you should see  much better open rates in your email campaigns.

Your junk mail is a goldmine.

That’s right; the emails that you get everyday from companies all over the place are virtually a goldmine for ideas for killer

headlines. Lets think about this for a minute. These companies that send out mass emails use the headlines (subject lines) that they do because they have paid $1,000’s of dollars to a professional   to write them and then spent $1,000’s more to test these headlines out. So now you’re saying to yourself “how does this benefit me” Well, here it is. Create what is known as a swipe file just like the name implies swipe these headlines and put em’ to work for you. Now don’t get me wrong; you will want to mix and match the wording from these headlines but you get what I’m driving at. This is a great way to come up with some pretty cool stuff that will get your emails read. And  that’s the name of the game with email marketing. Once you create a swipe file whether on your pc (notepad) or mac (textedit), when you see a headline that grabs your own attention put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and if you feel it will grab theirs as well, call up your swipe file copy and paste it and there you go; you got some pretty cool stuff for future reference later down the road.

Learning from the masters.

I’ve also found that reading the books of copy writing masters can and will be a gigantic difference in your marketing efforts. You’re probably already reading all sorts of books on personal growth and development as we all  should be and if you’re not, well you better start. But anyway, reading the books put out by masters  will aid in your own self  education and we all know that we are always learning new and exciting stuff.

For me its one of the driving factors that brought me to the world of internet marketing I’m always looking to learn something new in all aspects of my life. But I’m a little off topic, sorry. Some of the books that are good for you to start reading include Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Sales Letter” this book alone will blow you away, but there are others as well. “Outrageous Advertising” by Bill Glazer. This book has a ton of exhibits that you can use in your own business plus, there is a list of  winning headlines right in the book that you could be using. There is one more I think you should be reading as well and that is “Hypnotic Writing” by Joe Vitale. This is one of the best books for referencing your copy.

Well so there you have it simple and sweet hope this was of some use to you and that you take the tips I’ve put out for you and make em’ work for you and your business.

Are You Connected To Your Email List?

Are you getting the most out of your list?

You often hear the money is in the list.Well this is very true, though if you’re not building any kind of a relationship with that list there won’t be much of anything from that list except a list of names and Email addresses.

With Email marketing it is essential for you to build rapport with your list in order for you to be effective in your  Email marketing strategies. By offering your list valuable and quality content you will see dramatic changes not only in your open rates but in your sales as well. When we say building a relationship with your list what this means is broadcasting some good content to that list. This doesn’t mean it has to be your own content ,just quality information that your list will get value from. It could be anything :a great article that you have read, a video, anything at all that you find valuable your list will more then likely find as valuable.

It has been suggested to me that you provide your list with good quality content 2 to 3 times a week. If you’re using article marketing as one of your strategies then it should be no problem getting great information in front of your list.

When you have some of your own content of course you want your list to get a piece of it ,but at the same time you can be offering content that you yourself find interesting or valuable. Now some of you may be saying “wait a minute if I offer someone else content my list may be swooned away by the quality of this content’. Well, sometimes this may be true but at the same time if you come from a place of giving you will find people in general see this as generosity and what better quality could someone who is gaining the trust of others have than being generous with knowledge.

Always remember that people are looking for leaders, They look for someone who can show them how to change something whather it be something personal or something financial. They are looking for knowledge that will help them effect change in their life. With you offering the knowledge to effect change your list begins to see you as someone who really believes in helping others. And for me that’s exactly what this business of on line marketing is all about.

Sure we all got into marketing because we wanted change in our own lives. Ffor most it was to make more money and I’ll be the first to admit that. But over time your thinking changes as you begin to grow not only in your business but as a person. Your why, if you will, begins to become clear and when your why is clear the map to success becomes a little easier to navigate.

How To Build A Rock Solid Marketing Plan.

Welcome back, okay so last time we talked about some of the elements needed for a good marketing plan that will be effective for you and your business. Today let’s talk about how we put these elements together to build a rock solid marketing plan that will bring your business to the next level.

Most people in the online marketing industry when trying new strategies for their business will only try something for a week or two and then move on.This just isn’t long enough to see any real tangible results. In order for you to really see some true results from a new strategy you have got to give it the right amount of time to see whether or not it works for you.  And this is why when you put together a marketing plan you should build it with the long term in mind. Most new marketers get this wrong simply because they only think in the short term, remember your running a business not just some sort of day long yard sale. Think long term. With that in mind  lets build a 90 day plan that will get you some real results.

Remember that balance is key.

Balancing your paid and free or low cost marketing strategies is the key to getting your lead generation to a level that will be profitable for you and your business. You should be focused on just two or three strategies at any given time. This will help to keep you focused on what works. once you get good or even great at one strategy then you can move on and add new strategies into the mix.

Okay lets build, for today lets start with Pay per click as our first strategy and we’ll use blogging and social media as our two and three strategies.

The Rock Solid 90 Day Marketing Plan

Month 1. Start with a small budget of say 300 to 400 dollars. Learn to use ppc advertising. This will take a little bit of learning. You will have to learn to do keyword research, which will also be helpful with your blogging and article writing. Then you will have to learn to bid on the keywords that are going to be relevant for your ad groups and web sites pages that your are advertising for. With one month and a small budget you will be able to learn how to bid on keywords and find ad groups that will convert for you. During this first month you should also be writing in your blog and making new connections with your social media strategies. With all three of these strategies in place we are off to a great start.

Month 2. In month two you will have found a few winning campaigns that will be converting for you. Continue to use them as they will keep on converting. keep in mind you are still using you two and three strategies as well and you should be getting some exposure through those channels as well.

Month 3. By now you will have a number of winning campaigns and ad groups that are converting and will continue to convert better and better over time. As well as your two and three strategies should also by this time be showing some interest in you and your business. After this 90 day plan you should see some significant results for your efforts, and after using the same plan for two 90 day periods you should be at a level of 200+ leads per week converting at the right levels for your business to be profitable.

So now we have a rock solid marketing plan in place lets go out there and put it into action.

Hope this information was helpful for you feel free to leave any comments or questions, and be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates and helpful tips for growing your home based business.

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